English majors give a fuck about an oxford comma

August 28, 2013
     The smart ass, The dumb ass, the know it all, the math idiot, the guy with too much information, the "I've read that book" guy, the "The book is better" girl, the guy who doesn't shower, the girl with a big vocabulary, the guy with a bookshelf, the music festival lover, the pothead, the in-the-closet poet, the girl getting an MRS degree, the future law student, the future LSAT failure, the slack off, the hipster, the guy that carries a journal in pocket, the girl that writes down every event, emotion, or joke, the book worm, the SparkNotes slug, the guy with glasses, the girl with nonprescription glasses, the coffee house girl, the guy with tight pants, the Mac owner, the Shakespeare genius, the Dickens lover, the font obsessed people, the grammar nazi, the good speller, the life lover, the writer,  the English Major.


     Famous English majors: Jon Ham, Stacy and Clinton, Conan, Steven Spielberg, Chevy Chase, Harrison Ford, James Franco, James Cameron, Barbara Walters, Stephen King,  Dr. Seuss, and Caroline Ordonez.

For those of you returning to college, here are a few English majors essentials:

1. Ray Ban Prescription Glasses

2. Ampersand Necklace

3. The Great Gatsby Sweatshirt

4. Editor Mug

5. Comma Flats

6. Literature Scarf

7. Mint Green Typewriter

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