I Love College

August 23, 2013
     College is the only time it is acceptable to be drunk and poor at the same time. As a recent graduate from Texas Tech University, I can honestly say I already miss day drinking, living off vienna sausages, and driving on empty. For those of you lucky enough to still be attending the best years of your life, these are a few college essentials you might need. All hail Chimy's!

1. Vintage Graphic Flask 
("you have to start drinking pretty damn early if you want to stay wasted all day")

2. Red Solo Margarita Cup 

3. McLovin' Fake ID

4. I Love Bacon Notebook
2 for $20

5. Help Me I'm Poor Tank

6. Cupcake Mafia Backpack

7. Wooden Memory Stick 2GB

8. Get Lost Notebook
2 for $20

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