Flowers and Crowns

      I just cannot contain my excitement! I recently did a photoshoot with model Elva, an exotic beauty from La Joya, Texas. She did a great job modeling some new pieces for my online Etsy store, including my new line of flower crowns. These crowns are available for purchase at for $15, but if you happen to be in town, stop by my little set up at the McAllen Art Trail this Friday (October 4th) to purchase flower crowns for as low as $10! I've been obsessed with making dozens and dozens of crowns for the event, and could you blame me? I kind of totally heart being surrounded by so many colorful flowers. If you aren't in Texas, my Etsy store ships to every state in the U.S. Hold tight for world wide shipping- it's coming! As of now, I have 16 items available for purchase. Tomorrow I promise to post more jewelry and headpieces and more photos of the lovely Elva, so stay tuned! The best is yet to come ;)

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