Remember the 90s: Lisa Frank!

September 20, 2013

    Like most 90s kids, I feel like this new generation is deprived. I mean, imagine a childhood without Furbys, Gameboys, and, most importantly, Lisa Frank school supplies?!
      For those of you tweens that grew up on One Direction (gross) and MTV reality shows, Lisa Frank is an rainbow visionary, colorful creator, and neon idol. Lately companies like Nylon Magazine and Urban Outfitters have recognized Lisa Frank as an influential designer for us 90's kids and, lucky for us, Lisa Frank is making a come back.

Yes, we had a colorful childhood...

     Even though the Lisa Frank sweepstakes is over, Urban Outfitters included a video interview on their website, giving 90s girls the opportunity to meet the once household name. Check out the Urban Outfitter's page featuring the psychedelic artist here!

This interview answer got me really excited, then I realized that it might not happen! Haha
Question: What would be your dream product to make?
Ms. Frank: "If I could do anything, I think a theme park. Because the world of Lisa Frank really is a world. And I think before I die, we should have that world someplace, not just on paper. I think that would be pretty awesome."

     Although her stickers, binders, and backpacks can only be found as vintage items, I've made the 2013 wardrobe version of a Lisa Frank fan. You are never too old to be a Lisa Frank girl.

1. Thread and Sparkle Necklace

2. Nymph Yellow Heels

3. Loeffler Randall Rider Bag

4. Gamma Ray Moto Jacket

5. Gemma Rux Sud Earrings

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