Shoes Done Right

September 24, 2013
Spoiler Alert: very girly post

     I've never thought of myself as a shoe kind of girl until recently, when I bought four pairs of heels, none of which can be for everyday use. I got this one pair in particular that make me... happy, and they're so perfect that they make the rest of my outfit irrelevant. I've actually considered wearing them with sweats. They make me feel like I should be the star of Sex and the City. Oh and did I tell you? They're so comfortable. Real leather, real fur, and a very new real obsession. I would post 100 pictures of them, but that would be too naughty.

      Needless to say, I've been searching for another pair of shoes that give me the same thrill. Perfect shoe requirements: loud, thick comfortable heel, and most of all, the though of the shoe must make me smile. Price range: happiness doesn't have a price, silly.

     My grandmother once said to me, "What's money for if not to spend." Touché, grandma. For the sake of my grandmothers happiness, I've decided to go shoe shopping again, and is my new safe place.

Well Done - Black Restricted

Steve Madden's Red Gabby

Sam Edelman - Black Mariel

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