Sweet Escape

     Over break I went to Houston, Texas to spend the long weekend with my beautiful sister, Estella, and her husband. Houston is sweet tooth central for me, because it's home to some of the greatest cupcakes I've ever tasted and the cutest candy store ever. 
     Even though there is a Sprinkle's Cupcakes in town, Celebrity Cupcakes is my favorite. The little bakery is located in Rice Village, next to some pretty spectacular boutiques and shops. I don't know if it's the creamy frosting or the light and fluffy bread, but the vanilla cupcakes are the perfect proportions of sweet and filling. Since I don't get to eat these delicious little angels often, I got two

      Estella suggested we try Prince's Burgers. I was craving chicken too much to try a burger, but apparently they're amazing. I did however fall in love with the restaurant's 50's inspired interior design. So cute!

     My mom and Estella are huge Carrabba's fans. My mom doesn't live anywhere near the restaurant, so it's always a must-eat location when we visit Houston. In fact, Estella will only eat at the restaurant two blocks from her house when my mom is in town. Chicken Bryan is their thing ;) Just look at the overly-happy faces they make when they get their plates! 

White jean sisters!

     The Chocolate Bar is another family favorite. The little shop is right next door to it's sister store, Candylicious. My sister is one of those vegan, organic, fat-free, calorie-free, flavor-free kind of people, but even she can't resist the sweets at these two places. The Chocolate Bar has great homemade ice cream, but only get the small size. It comes with two scoops too many. Trust me, I've worked at Baskin Robbin's and Coldstone. The ice cream is so sweet you can feel cavities forming... but I'm not saying that as if it's a bad thing. They have some pretty groovy flavors like Chocolate Banana Pudding and S'mores, not to mention every and any possible chocolate mold you can imagine. My sister likes the chocolate dipped fruits, which go on sale for half off after 8PM.
     Candylicious is one of those candy stores that you have to brace yourself for. Every inch of that place is covered in candy. You'll find Mexican candy, themed candy, themed packaging, every flavored mints, Sixlets and Gummy Bears by colors, old school candy, rare candy, and the calories go on. I purchased a bag of astronaut ice cream and two packs of candy cigarettes for my in-denial-smoker buddy. 
     Personally, I'm happy I don't live in Houston, because half my time would be spent at these candy stores and the other half of my time would be spent at the dentist.

The Chocolate Bar... can you smell it from your screen?
My B-E-A-UTIFUL sister Estella and I at Candylicious

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  1. yum! cupcakes are my favorite thing in the world ^_^

    much love from NYC



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