What happens in Vegas...

September 14, 2013
     Excuse the lack of posts. I ventured on a weekend trip to Vegas with some beautiful girlies and took a very much needed vacation from my vacations. I also got very ill. I think it was my bodies way of telling me to stop building on my frequent flyer miles.

     Vegas is one of my last trips before having to settle down. I would tell you all about it, but what happens in Vegas... isn't always appropriate for a blog. We were in town celebrating my friend Jacqui's 21st birthday. We didn't have to pay for club entrance fees, drinks, or hotel but I still managed to max out my credit card. Blame on the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace and taxi fares. I'm sure I could have easily walked from Aria to anywhere on the strip, but I was tired and running on one-digit hours of sleep.

     My airline was charging $50 each way to check in luggage, regardless of the weight. Even though I still had to pay $30 one-way for my carry-on, I lucked out! I had a friend who was forced to pay $60 each way! Thats $120 for a very limited vacation closet. My point is that if your headed to Sin City, you're going to have to restrict yourself to the bare essentials. Lucky for you girls, less is more in Vegas.

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