White Solstice

September 01, 2013
     Happy Labor Day Weekend! Without even realizing, I've been drawn to the 30, 50, 70% off sales at Target thinking, "What a steal!" I keep forgetting that Labor Day is coming up and that means no more white! So, of course, I've been wearing my favorite white MANGO jeans and white Zara button up like crazy. I hope everyone else is living up the white wave until the end of Labor Day! 

     Now, rules are meant to be broken, but here are a few rules to the rules:
     Bend and play with the rules, but understand why they're there. White is fresh, and white clothes are usually thinner because the color meant for summer. Keep it to a minimum, but don't put away your whites either. If you cant help it, use white as a compliment almost as if it was a bright neon green or some other color that you wear once in a while. 

     As for me, I've forced myself to keep a lookout for fall colors. Since white is a neutral color, I've been adding other neutrals to replace my whites, such as beige, gold, brown, silver, grey, and black. For fall, use more beige and browns. Bring in the darker colors later, when winter really hits. 
     I'm posting my first fall shopping list for all to see. Also, I'm keeping this one lazy ;)

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