Chi Town

October 18, 2013

     This past week I took the most amazing road trip. Amazing as in great friends, great city, great food.  Wasn't too crazy about driving 46 hours in an tight little truck. Still totally worth it.

     My friends Moi and Rudy, a pair of infamous brothers that I met in high school, go to Chicago often for business. For years I've been begging them to take me, but something has always prevented me from joining them. Even when my sister lived in Chicago a while back, I just never got around to visiting the Windy City. This time there was no reason not to go. So the boys picked me up in Austin (after having spent the weekend there for Austin City Limits) and we took off at the crack of dawn.

     Because Moi had to return to work and Rudy had to return to running the shop, our time in Chicago was very limited. I would have been upset had I not been so in dumbfounded by the view. 

     From the stories my sister used to tell me, I knew that Chicago is a very cold place. I packed my Hammer Time silk pants thinking, "It can't be that cold," as I wiped off Texas sweat. Luckily a bad tan from ACL kept my skin warm. And yes, I wore heels, despite the warning from the brothers that women there dressed comfortably warm instead of slightly sexy.

     I remembered that an old friend of mine, Alex Tey, lived in Chi Town. Alex and I were close friends in middle school. In high school I tried to go to every single one of his plays so that one day he might invite me to the premiere of the Hollywood hit he'd star in. We eventually just lost touch since we went to different high schools then different universities. I'm glad one of us doesn't change numbers every couple of months, because I was able to just texted his phone and tell him (a whole day in advance) that I'd be in town.

     After some (oh my god) delicious, deep dish Chicago pizza, Alex took me to see "the bean" everyone always tells me about in Millennium Park. The little tour felt like a hit-and-run since we were in such a hurry, but I'm glad I got to see it. I'm even more happy I got to catch up with a person that has known me since prepuberty. Hey, without a Facebook, it's hard to keep in touch with old friends!

     I promised Alex that I'd be returning in November to catch him star in the play, The Pillowman. Not to sound like too much of a promoter or anything, but if you happen to be in Chicago, make sure to  check it out. Promise I'm not being (too) bias when I say Alex Tey is an amazing actor.

     Also, I need to return, because I didn't have a chance to go shopping. I did however drive the opposite direction in a one-way, almost run over a pedestrian, and manage to piss off a couple of locals by acting like a demanding Texan.

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