Crowned with Flowers

     I finally had time to photograph and post some of my new fall and Day of the Dead flower crowns on my online Etsy store, All crowns range anywhere from $10 to $15! These crowns are perfect for music festivals, Catrina costumes, and even weddings. I still have another 30 or 40 more crowns to post online, so stay tuned! Hopefully I can get around to it before the McAllen Art Walk on Friday, November 1st. Since next month's Art Walk falls on the Day of the Dead, I have a feeling they'll be a huge hit! Even if I sell out, I would just LOVE to make more. I heart being surrounded by flowers and picking color schemes. So relaxing. 

     For custom orders, fell free to contact me at and don't forget to stop by for great statement necklaces, darling accessories, and, of course, Frida-inspired flower crowns

** Since I created this post, a few
crowns featured on this blog entry
have been sold. Sorry guys!

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