"If you can't find your dream job, make one." -My Crazy Uncle

     This month has been full of success. My business is booming, and my customers are A-listers with zip codes like 90210 and 10029. In the past month, I've registered my business name, opened up a business bank account, and made enough cash to be considered a full-time employee making $15 an hour. Now I'm just bragging, but really, I'm kind of proud of myself. And to think I considered working in Austin, Texas for a recycling organization, ha!

     And even though my online Etsy store Etsy.com/shop/LoveCarolineO is a few days from turning 2 months old, I've already been mentioned the oh-so-cute blog ShesInTheGlow.com for a Day of the Dead make-up post.

Image from Annie Atkinson's Beauty Blog Shesintheglow.com

     I will be at the McAllen Art Walk again this Friday, November 1st. I've been so busy that for the first time in 23 years I've acturally forgotten that Halloween is only a few days away. I'll probably dress up and go for a drink with the girls on the 31st, but right after the Art Walk, I'll be signing my first out-of-college lease for a terribly adorable little beach house with bedroom windows that face the sunset. I can't stop smiling.

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