Photoshoot with Possum

October 22, 2013

      So I was looking for an image for my customized debit card, and I came across these pictures of my beautiful rat named Possum. I took these pictures about a year ago (with mah iPhone) to enter Possum into a rat magazine contest. Winner got his or her rat's photo on the front cover on the October issue! I placed second, but I still got some pretty great images of my little girl for keepsake :)

     Possum is my second rat. My first was a beautiful hairless rat named Miss Bettie, after the famous pinup girl Bettie Page. I named Possum after, well, possums. Before I got her, I really really really wanted a pet possum, but they're actually illegal to sell (and therefore hard to come by). I have a thing for misunderstood animals like rats, possums, snakes, spiders, men. Basically all the animals that are glorified during Halloween (I'm scared shitless of butterflies and cockroaches though--that's where I draw the line). Reason #3 as to why October & Halloween is one of my favorite months. In fact today I was at the dollar store and I started squealing when I saw rat stickers and rat wall decals. Those are hard to come by any other time of the year. 

     I don't plan on having another pet after Possum for a while just because I want to have more freedom to get up and leave whenever I want. Rats don't do well with the pressure on airplanes or long card rides, and it's really hard to find people that will take care of (and play with) my baby girl while I'm away. In fact if a guy doesn't like Possum or rats in general, it's kind of a deal breaker.

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