November Art Walk

     The November Art Walk was really fun. I set up in front of a (super awesome) girl who specialized in Catrina face painting ( as well as another local artisan that sells on Etsy ( I also got to meet the sweetheart Aly Tadros and her band from Austin, Texas! In exchange for a flower crown she gave me her CD, which I can't stop listening to! She told me that she might just use the headpiece in her upcoming photoshoot! *Squeal, squeal, squeal*

     The profits from the McAllen Art Walk would have made it possible to afford that table from Target that I've been dreaming about (literally) had I not turned around and spent it all on the other artisans at the event. The next day I went even further by restocking on a TON of new merchandise for my online store I've already photographed the stuff but between today's photoshoot (of a beautiful young couple about to get married) and packing to move to my beach house, I'll be lucky if I ever get around to posting my new line of flower crowns, paper stars, and wedding accessories. Stay tuned!

Neighborly Love

Someone was selling spray painted Chaplin posters for $5!
Gifts from the beautiful singer!

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