Summer is finally over

     Since I'm no longer in school, I'm really the one who gets to determine when Summer is over. Moving into a new place, a new city, makes me feel like my "school year" has just begun. I must say though, 2013 has been the BEST summer ever.

     Summer Recap:
           1 month in Florida with 3 of my favorite childhood girlfriends. Road trip starting in Austin, through Louisiana, eventually ending up at Universal Studios in Orlando. Staying in Coral Gables, hitting up Miami nightlife, boating in Tampa, South Beach, the Keys, too much tanning, too much shopping, drinks, rich boys, etc.
          1 month in Tampico, Mexico. Lovely beaches, amazing architecture, meeting very important politicians whom I know nothing of, and most importantly, getting the first items to open up my own online store. Mexico City side trip, the 13th most populated city in the world (above New York). 
          1 weekend + 1 extra day in Las Vegas with my college girlfriends to celebrate a 21st birthday. Staying at Aria, staying up too late, insane pool parities, seeing Avici in concert, meeting some great new people, and maxing out my credit card, which I am still happily paying off.
          1 of my favorite music festivals - Austin City Limits. Seeing my favorite band of all time, Vampire Weekend, with a good friend and seeing other long time besties there in Austin.
          And finally, a Chicago road trip with my best guy friends from high school, meeting up with a childhood friend and Chicago resident. Incredible, delicious, orgasmic deep dish pizza, perfect weather, and lots of laughs.
         Not to mention going to Houston two or three times to see my sister, visiting Padre to hang with friends, and Dallas to go see another buddy, but that's all in Texas. Plus... a few other sneeky vacations that I can't mention ;)

     So now that my summer is officially over, I was finally able to move to my dreamy new beach condo. And just as I started to get settled, I came down with a terrible virus. The kind that knocks you off you feet for like 72 hours. My neighbors must think I'm some sort of drug addict, because I'm sure they saw me asleep on the floor surrounded by all my pills and medications. So naturally, I've kind of taken a week off from running my business. It's so nice that I can do that. Just take a week off if I want, shut down shop if I feel like it. I was also able to do that because I got two VERY large orders, including one from the Googleplex in California.
     I guess I'm the kind of person who always sees the cup as half empty, so I have to do these kinds of things (like write out these lists, look through old pictures) to remind myself that life is pretty fucking great. I guess a post like this would require an image of the outline of girl holding balloons or some other ridiculous inspiring photo, but instead I'll post pictures of the first engagement session I took.

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