Lucy's Photoshoot

     Sorry for the lack of posts--I've been on a rather long adventure. First, I had to deal with my 2 least favorite holidays... Yes, I hate Christmas. Call me a Grinch. I don't care. I took a few trips across Texas to go see some very beloved friends and family, a few even came to visit me at my little beach house. I also put the finishing touches to my place. It looks so nice that when I had a party, I was anxiously (and drunkenly) cleaning up after everyone, making sure that nothing got stained. When you see it though, you'll understand!

     But most important of all (drum roll please) I finally got a job with a fitness magazine as the assistant editor, and I got another job as a contributing writer for a men's magazine. GQ here I come! I'm so happy to be working again; stress makes me thrive! Of course, I still have my Etsy store, but it has slowed down so much since the end of the holidays. A New Year's Resolution of mine is to start writing again, and that includes my blog. I'm a month late on starting these resolutions obviously, but better late then never!

     I'm excited to share with my faithful viewers a photoshoot I recently did at UTPA for a homecoming queen campaign, but I feel like this could inspire people looking for graduation photo ideas. Enjoy! I will be posting more often--Promise!


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