Photoshoot with Gracie & Audrey

     I recently did a photoshoot with two lovely beauties, Gracie and Audrey. Originally I had just asked Gracie, but her friend Audrey came along and you better believe I took advantage of having two models! Audrey photographed beyond amazing, and Gracie is the type of girl I seem to always go for when picking a model--Mexican. I love that ombre and dark skin look, probably because I wish I had it. I used to have a friend in college named Donny that would say, "That's what I think I look like when I look into the mirror." Haha!
     Anyways, the girls were modeling a ton of new items for my Etsy store that should have been posted months ago! Honestly I wish I had a model at my disposal at all times. I'd make so much more money!
      Although I was a bit disappointed in my work that day, the girls made my job (and my hangover) go smoothly. Check out the pictures from the Gracie & Audrey shoot, and of course feel free to browse around for a TON of more new items!

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