Spring Break

     Spring freaking break and I live on a beach. Unfortunately work has kept me busy but you better believe I cleared up my schedule to welcome my Texas Tech girlfriends to show them around. Future plans include: Coconuts, UME, and lots of drinks with sand on the rim. Is it weird that I can't wait to cook for them? I've been in a euphoric state since I found out my ladies (and my favorite gay bestie) are coming. I may even get a chance to see my favorite university lifeguard, Ryan, during my short stop in Austin! I just can't stop smiling! Plus, I need models for my Etsy store (as usual)! Obviously, I'll use one of the girls, not Ryan...  although I think he'd attract more lady customers. Haha!

     Speaking of Love, Caroline O. on Etsy, I am offering my lovely blog readers a 10% off coupon on their order of $15 or more with coupon code: LoveCarolineOBlog. Happy Spring Break y'all!

     Oh! And incase y'all are staying on South Padre Island, the high end boutique called Annabelle's is now selling a few of my items! Feel free to stop by and check out flower crowns and jewelry at discounted prices! Best part? No shipping fee! Promise I'm not lying when I tell you that Annabelle's has THE CUTEST clothes on the island. I mean... Let's just say that the only reason I'm not seeing huge profit is because I keep buying their beach-inspired dresses with the money I'm making there! Totally worth it though!

     Check out some of the new cute spring crowns now available on my store!

Yellow Daisy Flower Crown $6

Pink Daisy Flower Crown $6

Ombre Rose Wrap Around Crown $15

Paper Flowers Sunflowers and Roses Crown $15

Purple and Pink Flower Crown with Detailed Skull $26

Ombré Red Flower Crown with Detailed Skull $26

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