Music Fest Season

     Spring break was a blast! I guess when I graduated I kind of accepted that I would never have those kind of vacations again, but my Tech friends aren't letting me grow up and thank god for that! As much as I wish I had to go into an office everyday dressed up in a cute little business suit (of which I have plenty), I love love love that I have a job (or three) that allows me take off a couple days here and there if I need to. What's even more great is that my press pass gets me in anywhere: backstage, events, festivals, and VIP everything, free of charge. I would probably brag about the 100's of dollars I've saved by switching from unemployed to Men's Rio Magazine, but I just want to say... I got VIP at the Bill Nye The Science Guy presentation. Boom bitch.

     The store has been doing GREAT too! Great sales at Annabelle's, and even better sales on my online Etsy store. I'm blaming it on music festival season, which is why LoveCarolineO is now offering Music Festival Package Deals at great prices! Also, new Easter themed flower crowns just in time for Semana Santa starting at $13.50! 


Best Seller! Backpack, 2 Flower Crowns, and Fan for $28!

Need an extra Flower Crown? Fan & 2 Flower Crowns for $15!


Buy for all your besties! Flower Crowns as low as $4.50!


Pink and Purple Roses and Rosebuds $13.50

White Gypsophila $14

Multi-Colored Side Rose Buds $13.50

Yellow Rose Buds $13.50

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