Living out of boxes again

May 06, 2014


     The month of April: just short of 100 sales for my Etsy store, 3 articles for Men's Rio including cover story, 3 photoshoots, and moving out of my beach home to bigger and better things. I'm living out of boxes again, but a recent promotion to copywriter for an advertising agency put the cherry on top of this wonderful month. It's not the money that has me smiling, it's the stress. I haven't felt this happy and hectic since college finals. I still have a hundred things to do, but at least none of them have pressing deadlines. I don't know if I should consider myself blessed or accomplished.

      Although I will no longer be living in my oh-so adorable beach condo, I'm so happy to be able to pick out paints and pillows again. I never thought there would be anything I love spending money on more than clothes. I should have majored in interior design. I've also hinted, asked, and begged to do the decorating for the magazine's new offices which are conveniently located in the heart of bar central. Hooray for never having to pay for parking or walk a mile to get to my car in heels again! I'm also excited to finally get to wear all of my new business outfits on the reg. I told my boss that I will be making the office my second home, and to prove it, I'm taking in my computers!

      I can't believe that I didn't have a chance in the 6 months I lived by the waves to upload pictures of my beach house to my blog. Here are before and after pictures of my (former) lovely little place!


     These glitter frames were made from cardboard boxes! I cut out the shape of a frame that would nicely fit a 5x7 photo (each box, which were free and recycled from stores like Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree) made about 2 frames), covered them in modpodge, and them poured glitter over them. I used only pictures I took in college, because I am forever nostalgic of those times! After converting them to black and white on photoshop, I sent them to print at Wallgreens and taped them to the back of the frames with tape. The glossy finish made them look as if they were covered in glass. A totally cheap project! Oh and did I mention that those couches were purchased off Craigslist? Couches came out to about $250 total! The yellow pillows came 2 in a package at Target, RE brand ($19.99), the blue velvet pillow is from Pier 1 ($20), and the long yellow pillow was a Christmas gift from a friend!

     The library in the background of this picture was actually from my childhood bedroom set! It was a light brown wood originally, but I sanded it, painted it, and then replaced the knobs with clearance Target knobs I have from childhood. I remember being around maybe 13 or so and buying them with my mom. Didn't use them until college and I've been moving them around from house to furniture ever since! That black wall was painted with chalkboard paint and every guest left me a little lovely (and sometimes drunk) note. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the things that were written on it before I moved, but I probably wouldn't have posted it on my blog! P.S. Chalkboard paint consistency is like water! I consider myself an expert with trims (another one of my useless talents), but I've never had to paint with water and there was no way around it!

     I used 1 quart of a Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Premium Latex Paint that promises to only need 1 coat, and it came in that bright yellow color.  Sure enough, I only spent 1 day painting the drawers and the chalkboard wall. The yellow really gave the apartment life, and even the landlord (who wasn't informed of my painting) complimented my apartment! An $8 project! Those frames were old canvases that were painted by friends A LONG time ago. I spray painted the silver one and covered the blue one with felt. The comma and apostrophe are cut outs from spray painted paper and felt. And did I mention the apostrophe frame covers my ugly temperature control panel. Total cost free.99! The white stand was also a wooden color that I had to makeover, and note that my heart shaped vase with succulents is actually an old cake pan!

     The beach house originally came with ugly blue countertops. They were an old, cheap blue, not like my couch or the color scheme I was going for, so I covered them in contact paper from Target. To cover all the countertops, it took 1 roll, meaning that this project cost me about $6! In case you're wondering, they lasted through college spring breakers, parties, and lazy days with spilled colored liquids and lasted just fine! That towel is from the dollar store by the way!

     This is my grandmother's vintage sewing machine and the black frame with my grandmothers picture was a cheap dollar store frame that was spray painted black!

     I took this picture just after I finished putting up the mirror. I took out the mirror from my old furniture set and cut out a rose shape from red and green contact paper to add some flare to the mirror! The map above the bed is actually used for teaching purposes, and was purchased for $14 at Office Depot! Later on, I put more pillows on the bed and placed starts for every location that my Etsy store sent a package to! 

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